Red Marketing

Traditionally, marketers would spend thousands of dollars on expensive ad campaigns to interrupt consumers to buy their products. The problem with this is when consumers don’t see the value in the new/different product why would they switch to yours?

Marketing, in today’s world, has to be innovative and creative. I’m not talking about spending more money on creative people or ad campaigns. I’m talking about letting your customers market the ideas for you.

Instead of hitting your customer over the head with expensive promotions and waste a lot of time, energy, and money that still leaves you invisible – try something different. Find the small percentage of customers who already love your brand/product/service and let THEM tell everyone. Give those customers (innovators and early adopters) a MEGA-PHONE to tell to everyone else. Give them the a voice to shout to everyone how much they love you!!

An example I used in an interview the other day:

Who would you believe more? Toshiba telling you how great their computers are?

Or your (computer expert) friend who is not affiliated with Toshiba but is telling you all of the great things about Toshiba. How it is his favorite computer and why he loves it.

How has marketing changed? There is no more black and white or right and wrong. Only Red marketing is left. You have a business, an idea, or a movement? Go lead it.


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Just a marketing guru trying to rule the world.
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