Where’s the landfill?

What comes to mind when you hear the word landfill?

I image you think of a dump, with garbage piled high, mixed with an undescribable odor. For a school project, a classmate and I visited a landfill here in Memphis. The first thing we noticed: there were high hills of grass and soil around 650ft high. The owners of the landfill spend a lot of time covering the trash with clay, soil, and grass to mask the appearance and odor of the landfill.

Sometimes people have hidden conflict which they are struggling with, they mask the insecurity with insincere smiles and gestures. Hey but that’s okay. We are an insecure society that looks down on weakness and imperfection. However, YOU must be the motivator in their life. Zig Ziglar says “Find one great thing about someone and give that 100% of the way you view them.”

But how do I spot those people with inner turmoil and insecurity, so I can motivate them?

You can’t. So motivate, encourage, and complement everyone – because even if they have a smile, you still don’t know what they are going through.



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3 Responses to Where’s the landfill?

  1. Jenny says:

    I totally agree! Neat way of relating our everyday interactions to the project; “Now and then it’s nice to see the world from a different angle.”

  2. bRANDY says:

    I love this post! Very thoughful and well said!

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