Positivity in everything?

Yes there is – don’t believe me?

Lets discuss some negative things that have positivity

Breaking up – After the break up you may discover the things that you do not want in a relationship. Usually, the next serious relationship is better.

Losing your job – Before, you went to work and got a paycheck. Now that your job is gone what do you do? You have been given time, time to focus on what you really want to do with your life. Thomas Edison was fired because he didn’t have any good ideas. Walt Disney was fired because he had no creativity.

Getting into a car crash – The fear created in you by the crash makes you a better driver. The daredevil inside you is now more terrified – but not always.

Someone close to you dies – this is always tragic. You think about the life they would have had and the person they would have become. But it was their time to go. And because of their death faith builds in others. Their death makes you cherish the ones you still have so much more.

Remember: never take life too seriously – no one gets out alive


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