Alex’s journey to 1000 awesome things (#995)

Awesome thing

#995 Graduating…finally- You’ve worked so hard for this moment. When friends begged you to go out with them, when papers were due the next day and you haven’t started them yet, when courses seemed impossible to comprehend and there was no end in sight – you stuck through it. You persisted and leaned into the difficult situations and obstacles. You discovered discipline, determination, sacrifice, commitment, and most importantly you discovered yourself. Now it’s your time to go off into the world and make an impact.

You’ll have peers that breezed by in their courses, but ended up with a diploma. They will find a job, stick with it, retire, then die. Their life’s work will be determined by that first job at the company that paid more than that college bar-tending job. But some of you won’t just settle. You will inquire and challenge others. You will always be chasing and perfecting your life’s work. You will work with difficult and amazing people just as excited as you are about the project at hand. You will reflect on your life, realizing you strayed away from the average person. You will truly discover the value of meaningful work. Congrats!


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