Alex’s journey to 1000 awesome things (#994)

Awesome thing
#994 Going to a basketball game and getting free pompoms in your seat – The excitement inside you builds as you enter the stadium. The thunder-like sound surrounds you and echoes in unison as you make your way through the lower part of the stadium. You walk down some stairs and hear the roaring grow louder and louder as you follow the light to the end of the tunnel. Reaching the end, you see a gargantuan display of moving fans cheering before the game has begun.

As you make your way to your seat, you look around seeing the emotion and restlessness in everyone face. You find your seat and the stadium has supplied everyone with pompoms in there seat. The pompoms dance with the chanting and peer pressure others to do the same. The crowd goes dark as light escapes the stadium. With search lights chasing each other all over the crowd, you realize this is going to be an awesome game. The lights burst back on and a wave of excitement explodes in everyone in the stadium. Game on!




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