Alex’s journey to 1000 awesome things (#993)

Awesome thing

#993 Finishing your first 5k – Exercise in general is not easy. Let alone being surrounded by joggers who think of this race as “Another 5k.” But for you, this is something more. This race is your first 5k. It’s a sense of achievement that you want. At the starting line, you may begin to doubt your decision – that you were more than likely talked into. You’ve trained, hopefully. You are ready. Pow! The race is on.

At this moment, everyone else seems like they are sprinting professional runners. You have a choice, you can keep up with everyone or go at the pace you know – the one you’ve trained with. Rushing to keep up with everyone, would tire you out very quickly. Staying at your own pace will keep you from getting a hernia. I would stay at your pace.

You approach a hill. Again, you have two choices: you can run up the hill and get it over with quickly or pace yourself.

In life, we try to keep up with everyone else. Sometimes we make quick decisions without thinking – usually getting us into trouble. But if you’ll embrace the hill or the obstacles in life with pace and calculation you will overcome them easier. Then, when you get over the hill you aren’t as tired and are better prepared for the next one.

Finally you cross the finish line. You could have given up at anytime and never completed another one – but you didn’t. Congrats! You are now a runner.



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