My New Year’s Resolutions

Insulate myself from anonymous angry people

Be exposed to art I don’t yet understand

Precisely measure the results that are important to me

Stay blind to metrics that don’t matter

Lead more, manage less

Seek out uncomfortable situations

Make an impact on people who matter to me

Copyedit less, invent more

Give more speeches

Make everyday my masterpiece

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How to become a better writer in 10 steps

Probably one the greatest pieces of advice about writing that I have ever been given, from my idle and mentor Seth Godin.

How to improve your writing in 10 steps:

Step 1: Write
Step 2: Write
Step 3: Write
Step 4: Write
Step 5: Write
Step 6: Write
Step 7: Write
Step 8: Write
Step 9: Write
Step 10: Write

What did Seth mean by this? I think it’s simple, if you want to get better at something, start doing it.

Matt Cutts, an employee at Google, started a crusade in his life. He tried something new every 30 days. One new venture was to write a book in 30 days. Seems impossible, right? Not if you look at it the way he did. He set a goal to write 50,000 words equaling around 1,666 words a day.

The idea: Getting better at something takes doing it. Don’t wait. Your work may not be great at first. No one will be a Mark Twain first starting out.

Even Matt said “Of course it was an awful book. It was written in 30 days.”

But to become great at something you must start.

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The best way to find a new job.

I think we are looking at the job market in the wrong way. We are always told you have to get that first job to get anywhere. That it’s that first job that will define your success. What is really so important about that first job?

I say lets look at things differently. Lets not try to have the first job or the prim and polished resumes with which we blanket our city. Don’t look for one, just start working. If you are a musician just play music, if you are a writer start a blog, a marketer just start marketing. Do these for friends, bands that you like, even companies. There is nothing telling you not to start. Starting is the hardest part for most of us. But this is how you will stand out.

Then what happens? Companies, organizations, and people begin to seek you out.

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Alex’s journey to 1000 awesome things (#991)

Awesome thing

#991 – Getting a package in the mail – It’s like your birthday even though it’s not.

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Alex’s journey to 1000 awesome things (#992)

Awesome thing

#992 – The sun out on a rainy day – You always know it’ll be over soon.

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Alex’s journey to 1000 awesome things (#993)

Awesome thing

#993 Finishing your first 5k – Exercise in general is not easy. Let alone being surrounded by joggers who think of this race as “Another 5k.” But for you, this is something more. This race is your first 5k. It’s a sense of achievement that you want. At the starting line, you may begin to doubt your decision – that you were more than likely talked into. You’ve trained, hopefully. You are ready. Pow! The race is on.

At this moment, everyone else seems like they are sprinting professional runners. You have a choice, you can keep up with everyone or go at the pace you know – the one you’ve trained with. Rushing to keep up with everyone, would tire you out very quickly. Staying at your own pace will keep you from getting a hernia. I would stay at your pace.

You approach a hill. Again, you have two choices: you can run up the hill and get it over with quickly or pace yourself.

In life, we try to keep up with everyone else. Sometimes we make quick decisions without thinking – usually getting us into trouble. But if you’ll embrace the hill or the obstacles in life with pace and calculation you will overcome them easier. Then, when you get over the hill you aren’t as tired and are better prepared for the next one.

Finally you cross the finish line. You could have given up at anytime and never completed another one – but you didn’t. Congrats! You are now a runner.


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Alex’s journey to 1000 awesome things (#994)

Awesome thing
#994 Going to a basketball game and getting free pompoms in your seat – The excitement inside you builds as you enter the stadium. The thunder-like sound surrounds you and echoes in unison as you make your way through the lower part of the stadium. You walk down some stairs and hear the roaring grow louder and louder as you follow the light to the end of the tunnel. Reaching the end, you see a gargantuan display of moving fans cheering before the game has begun.

As you make your way to your seat, you look around seeing the emotion and restlessness in everyone face. You find your seat and the stadium has supplied everyone with pompoms in there seat. The pompoms dance with the chanting and peer pressure others to do the same. The crowd goes dark as light escapes the stadium. With search lights chasing each other all over the crowd, you realize this is going to be an awesome game. The lights burst back on and a wave of excitement explodes in everyone in the stadium. Game on!



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